If you enjoy nature like I do, you will likely also enjoy the images, audios and videos on this page from two decades of visits to Botswana’s Okavango Delta. So, you are in luck because every three months I will upload new multi-media content on a different subject.

Enjoy the images and lessons from nature. See how animals behave, how clouds form, how the sun rises and sets in my part of our universe.

Whether you like all mammals, predators, scavengers, birds, the landscape or anything associated with nature, my guess is it will be worth your while to come back to these page quarterly.

Botswana's Okavango Delta

The photographs and video clips you will see were taken by me during my frequent visits to the Okavango Delta and Chobe Game Reserve in northwestern Botswana. I started at the Chobe Game Lodge in the late 1980s, moved into the Delta through Kwando Safari in the Linyanti river channel and ultimately settled at Okavango Wilderness Safari camps in the Delta alluvial plains, downstream of the panhandle.
In this part of the country, I indulge in nature’s paradise whenever I can. Thanks to nature and the women and men who work for tour operators, I am never disappointed.

The photographs and the videos are made possible by both nature herself and my hosts. You will occasionally hear me ask questions on animal behaviour and benefit from the tour guides’ knowledge and insights. But often I let nature speak for herself through animal behaviour and through visual display.

Everything I know about that part of my country is because of my hosts’ enthusiasm and willingness to share information about the habitat of this region of Botswana. Over two decades, I have met and encountered too many people to count. I am indebted to them but cannot forget Russ, Tsebo, Lettie, Ikaneng, Noko, KCi, Carrie and Nick!!!